Friday, January 15, 2010

Two and a half, goop and Haiti

Well, Miss E is officially two and a half years old, as of Monday 1/11. Hard to believe, but there it is. She is changing so fast. She'll always be my baby though :) Yesterday, I had my first "Parent-teacher conference" at her Day Care. Since I chat with her teachers every day, there weren't any big surprises. Still, it was nice to hear that she is doing well and is happy at "school." She is the youngest one in her center, but she is keeping up. I'm so proud of her! She is continuing to work on potty training (some days are better than others, but I'm not really pushing it, just encouraging). Her vocabulary and understanding grows by the hour, it seems. Her teachers told me that she is very easy going at school, and "goes with the flow." They don't see some of the "two year old behaviors" that I get to see at home. Lucky mommy :0
These are pictures from school where she is playing with "goop". The teachers said she had a great time and stayed with it for a very long time. So that's the latest on Miss E. I've been thinking a lot about the people in Haiti. My heart just goes out to them. One of the parents at Elizabeth's Day Care had a sister in Haiti who was killed in the earthquake. So tragic. I'm also thinking about the PAPS who are waiting to adopt from Haiti, not knowing if their children are ok or not. I can't even imagine.
Sending out lots of prayers...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

Our New Years Eve was perfect: a wonderful dinner at a family friend's house, then back to my parents' to watch some Sprout, and in bed asleep by 10. Pretty wild stuff;)

PS: Aunt Betsy gave Elizabeth this hoody for Christmas (along with many other adorable clothes). I just love it on her!
Happy New Year everyone!!!

Just a few pictures from Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Elizabeth loves hanging out with her cousins, too :)

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