Thursday, January 31, 2008

Warning: Whiney Post Ahead

Darn Elizabeth for being so cute in the mornings- it makes it very, very hard to leave her every day!! I've told her this, but she insists on being all sweet and cuddly every morning. Seriously, I am feeling very bummed out about having to work right now. I really live for the week-ends when I get to be with her all the time. In my next life, I'm going to be independently wealthy so I can stay home. I know, I know- this is what I signed on for...but I wasn't expecting to get the most perfect baby on the planet...How can I possibly be expected to work when I have her?? I believe that since she is an exceptionally cute, smart baby, I should be allowed to stay home with her.
Ok, ok...I'm done whining. Back to work, uggg.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun in San Juan Capistrano

I had Martin Luther King Jr. Day off, so Elizabeth and I went up to San Juan Capistrano with Julie, where we met our friend Linda for lunch and a walk around the Mission. The weather was damp and chilly, but we had a great time. Miss E was very happy and as usual charmed everyone who saw her.

Inside the chapel, quite beautiful. This is the first non-Elizabeth photo I've taken since 11/30/07!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday update

Here is Miss E sleeping with the new doll Auntie Heidi and "cousins" J, M and J sent. I LOVE it!!! They also sent lots of cute clothes and books! Thank you, we love you!!

Yesterday, she had her 6 month shots, which she was not too happy about. She recovered pretty quickly, though, and spent most of the afternoon snoozing and cuddling with me on the couch. Today we went to Church and I had Elizabeth stay in the nursery during the service, for the first time. She actually did really well, even slept and ate a little. I missed having her with me in Church, but I'm sure she was happier getting to play. This afternoon we watched the Patriots beat the Chargers (sorry San Diego) and we snoozed and cuddled some more on the couch. It's quite the madcap life we lead...

Found out today that she does NOT like the vacuum cleaner!

She continues to love her baby gym.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who is this child??

Well, this afternoon when I went to pick up Elizabeth from Day Care, I got a big surpise...

Her Day care provider, Miss G did this! I almost started crying, those little pig tails just make her look so much older, like a little girl and not a baby anymore!! Poor Miss G was afraid I'd be upset at her for fixing Elizabeth's hair. On the contrary, I want her to show me exactly how she did it! I put oil in her hair and try to comb it out so all the curls don't get matted, but no matter how careful I try to be, Elizabeth screams bloody murder every time I barely start to comb her hair. So I definitely need help...These aren't the best pictures, but she really is incrediably cute with her new 'do...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elizabeth's room

Thank you to Auntie Julie, who is my personal interior decorator. And Elizabeth's too! Julie made this beautiful curtain for Elizabeth's bedroom, and matching pillow covers! Here is my little polka dotted princess, lounging on the guest bed. Thank you also to Julie for donating this bed. It's great to have because now when family and friends come to visit (hint, hint, hint) they can take my room and I'll sleep in Elizabeth's room.
Today I signed up Elizabeth and me for a Mommy and Me swim class. It starts in February and goes for 4 Saturdays. I am so excited, I think it's going to be so much fun. But the best part is...I get to buy Elizabeth a cute new bathing suit! Maybe a little bikini, how cute would that be??!!
Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE this little girl?

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Crying Room and other miscellaneous stuff

Hello! As you can see on the side, I've decided to start doing weekly polls on this blog, just for the fun of it. So go ahead and get out the vote!
Elizabeth and I went to Church yesterday. Everyone always says how quiet and happy she is during the service. Well, yesterday she proved them all wrong. For some reason unknown to me, during the middle of the service, she suddenly got super-fussy and I had to take her back to "the crying room." This is a glassed in room at the back of the church where embarrassed moms can take their loud, unhappy babies and still be able to hear the service without disrupting it. After Church, several women gently hinted that I could take her to the church nursery on Sundays instead of bringing her into the service, so that I "could relax and enjoy the service." I know I could drop her off at the nursery, but one of my biggest pleasures has been holding her during church and watching her enjoy the music and all the people. But the time might be coming to reconsider this...Yesterday was quite embarrassing, to say the least! And of course, the second Church was over, she was all smiles. I guess she didn't like the minister's sermon on the evils of hate speech. I thought it was pretty good myself (the parts I could hear over Elizabeth's screaming, anyway).
The new apartment is coming along slowly. Everyday, I try to unpack and put away at least one box. It seems endless, though!
Great football game yesterday, yay Chargers!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Peas and Squash- yum!!

Hey, what happened to my Sweet Potatoes? What is this green stuff??

Friday, January 11, 2008

6 months old today!

6 months old!! Happy half-year birthday, pumpkin!
Well, Elizabeth and I survived our first week of Day Care and work. I think she did better than I did, actually! I like her Day Care provider a lot, but of course I still feel guilty and worried about it. The good news is, Elizabeth continues to be a happy, sweet, loving baby. I haven't noticed that she seems stressed or irritable since starting Day Care. So far, so good.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two drop offs down and a million more to go

Here's my little pumpkin, all ready for her second day at Day Care. She has been doing great so far, and her Day Care provider "Miss G", seems appropriately in love with Elizabeth, as well she should be! Miss G tells me that Elizabeth only fusses when she is hungry or tired, and likes playing with all the baby toys. Elizabeth is the only baby there, and the only girl, so she is the little princess (just like she is here at home!).

I am loving the new apartment, and will love it even more when we are all unpacked. In fact, I should be unpacking now, instead of posting, but this is so much more fun!

I guess that's it for now, time for bed :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New apartment and back to work

Well, our days of leisure are over. Tomorrow I go back to work and Elizabeth starts at Day Care. Sigh...I'm sure it will be fine, and Elizabeth will adjust well, but right now I'm feeling kinda sad and nervous about it. It's been such a special five weeks, and it's hard to believe that the "honeymoon" is over. On top of that, we just moved to a new apartment on Friday. It's going to be great, but right now, it's still kind of a disaster. It is going to take a long time to unpack everything and really settle in. But the good news is, Elizabeth has been doing great in her own room, and sleeping quite well. I, on the other hand stay awake staring at the little red light on the baby monitor, trying to make sure I can still hear her breathing.
Thank you to Julie, Carol, MaryAnn and Helga who have been such great helps during the move. I couldn't have done it without you all!!

By the way, to those of you who are reading this, let me know you're there! I welcome comments on this blog!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

We are in the process of moving to our new apartment, and will spend our first night there this Friday. I want to give a HUGE shout-out to my friends here who are going above and beyond to help me and Elizabeth with this move. You know who you are. THANK YOU!!!!! I just can't wait to be all settled in the new place. I think it's going to be great. But in the meantime, it's an endless process, getting our stuff from one place to another. Who knew this tiny apartment had so much STUFF in it??

Moving is exhausting!!
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