Thursday, September 16, 2010


Warning: Boring post ahead
Elizabeth and I spent our first night last night in our new apartment. I really like it, but OMG...the boxes and bags of stuff I have yet to unpack...Yikes!! And I still have more stuff at my parents' to bring over. No internet yet (I'm writing this at work) until Tuesday when Verizon comes to hook me up. When I placed the order over the phone, I was originally going to just have internet service intalled (cause I can't live without my Facebook and all the blogs I read), but the guy I spoke with talked me into a "triple bundle"- internet, phone and cable. I really don't need the phone (have a cell) or cable (as much as Elizabeth loves her some Nick Jr.). So I will probably end up just getting internet. Anyway, it's very nice to be in our own place, just can't wait to be all unpacked and settled in.
Work is good, Elizabeth is doing great at Day Care. All is well. Guess that's it for now!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maine vacation

We had a GREAT vacation last week in Maine! 10 days of fabulous weather, family and friends...

The only downside to having a great vacation has been of course, the re-entry...Elizabeth has had a bit of a tough time readjusting to being back at Day Care. Some of the older kids in her room moved up to a different room, so there are several new kids now in her class. Also, one of her teachers is new to her room. So she has been clingy and crying when I've dropped her off this week, which is unlike her. But when I call later in the morning, I'm told she is playing happily. And she seems happy at the end of the day when I pick her up. Hopefully we'll get back into our routine. Of course, another big change is coming up. We are moving out of my parents' place this month into our apartment. I picked up the keys the other evening. I showed Elizabeth our new (still empty) apartment. She said she liked it :) She also said she would sleep "all by myself" in her new room all night. Ah...I wish I could believe that...
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