Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby # 2? Nope, probably not...

When I first began the adoption process, I always imagined I would have at least 2 children. When Elizabeth came home, I thought I would probably adopt again when she was around 3 or 4. Well, here she is almost 4.5, and I in no way feel able to have another child. I wish I could. I know Elizabeth would love to have a sibling. She does have her bio sister, sweet little Baby B., but B. lives with her adoptive family back in San Diego, so obviously it's not like they are growing up together. When E and I are home together, E always wants me to play with her, or go to a friend's house to play. She is very social, and loves to be with other kids. So I feel really bad that she doesn't have a brother or sister to play with. But...I look at our situation financially, logistically, and there is just no way I can see making it (adding another child to our family)work. Not right now, anyway. To be really honest, the cost of full time Day Care is killing me, and I'm counting down the months til I don't have to pay that anymore. The thought of taking that on again with a new baby is just...not appealing. Part of me would would love another baby, for Elizabeth, and for me. But even beyond the financial aspect, I have to really fess up and say, I got my hands full with my one kiddo! I love my daughter more than life, but yeah, she can wear me out! So at this point, as a single parent, I somewhat sadly say that any plans for trying to adopt again are off the table...

Monday, December 26, 2011

The day after...

Today was another fun day. E and I got together with our friends Misty and Paden, plus our friend Denise who Misty and I went to high school with. We went out for brunch (the kids look thrilled to be having their picture taken, don't they? lol)

After brunch, since it was a beautiful, sunny (but kinda cold!) day, we all went for a walk around Horn Pond (the kids ran, the grown ups walked :)

Paden is Misty's almost 7 year old son. Elizabeth and Paden usually have an awesome time together, when they aren't fighting, lol....They are a great little pair, cuties...:)

Christmas 2011 recap

We had an awesome Christmas! Santa, and my family, were very good to us, as always :) On Christmas Eve, we went to a 4pm Church service with my Mom, my brother, and my nephews. My Dad stayed home to watch the Patriots game, lol, and my sister-in-law had a bad cold, so she stayed home to rest. After Church we all went to my parents' house and had a delicious dinner. Elizabeth and I went back to our apt, and E fell asleep around 9:30. Santa showed up around midnight. He made lots of unintentional noise, fumbling around in the dark, but luckily didn't wake Miss E up...:) In the morning, I actually woke up before E did, at about 6:45 (don't ask me why), and E got up around 7:30. She was very happy and relieved to see her stocking stuffed with presents, and that Santa had remembered her. She said, "Mommy, I didn't make the naughty list!" I didn't get any pictures from this part of the day (not sure why), but we had a nice, relaxing morning at home, just the two us while I enjoyed my coffee and watching Elizabeth play with her new toys. In the afternoon, we went to my parents', where Elizabeth got her most awesome present from my mom...her first big girl bike!!!

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the family, eating lots of delicious food, playing with new toys...

and of course, riding her beautiful new bike!!! And check out her cool, hot pink new Dora Helmet to go with it...:)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

One of my favorite things about the Holidays is getting all the photo Christmas cards in the mail. It's something I always knew I would do once I had kids. So I present to you our 2011 Christmas card...

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Today was a nice Sunday. Pretty relaxing considering it's only 1 week until Christmas (yikes!)...We went to Church this morning, then went over to my parents' to do laundry (one of these decades I WILL have my own *&^*% washer and dryer!!!). My parents' neighbors' have two little girls around Elizabeth's age, so we went over to play with them, and ended up staying for dinner.
Here's a pic of E with her buddies eatin' Pizza (this Pizza was much better than the Pizza we had yesterday at Chucky E. Cheese, btw...)

Losing my Chuck E. Cheese Virginity

Well, it was bound to happen to some time...this weekend, it did. On Saturday, Elizabeth and I went to Chucky E. Cheese for the first time. A classmate of her's was having a birthday party there. It was pretty much what I expected: crowded, noisy, and did I mention NOISY??? But E is a party animal, so she had a great time, in between overstimulation-induced meltdowns...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa 2011!!!

In keeping with annual tradition, Elizabeth and I went to the mall to visit Santa. This year was the closest we've gotten to getting a smile from her :) And, just for fun, here are E's visits with Santa in years past...My girl sure is growing up!

December 2010- 3 years old

December 2009 -2 years old

December 2008- 1 year old

December 2007 - 4 months old

Sunday, December 4, 2011

X-mas at the Zoo

This evening Elizabeth and I went out with our friends Misty and Paden. First we took the kiddos to a nearby Pizza joint. Both our kids luuuv Pizza :) Then we went to the Stone Zoo, very close to where we live. It was all decked out for Christmas, with lights, exhibits, and some rides. Soooo cool and fun!

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