Sunday, April 26, 2009

I should be unpacking stuff, but I'm blogging 'cause it's more fun!

Well, we are settling into our new apartment. So far I love it, especially my walk-in closet and of course, the washer and dryer! :) Friday morning, I ran Elizabeth to Day Care, then the movers came and took all the big pieces of furniture to the new place. I set up Elizabeth's crib and my bed, so Friday night we spent our first night here! Elizabeth has had no problem with the change, she has slept like a log every night since we have been here.:) Saturday, I took Elizabeth to "kids club" at the YMCA for a few hours so I could get some more stuff from the old apt. It's never ending! You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it. Ugg... Today after Church, my frind Julie helped me unpack some boxes while Elizabeth napped. Then in the afternoon, another friend Jeanette took E for a few hours so I could move even more stuff from the old place! And I'm still not done! It all has to be out of there by the end of the month (Thu.) so I'm going to take tomorrow afternoon off while E is at Day Care and (hopefully) finish moving everything. I wish I could be like Samantha in "Bewitched" and just have everything all done and in it's place just by twitching my nose!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trip to LA and moving

Phew! Things have been kind of busy lately. Last week, my cousin passed away after two bouts with cancer. So, so sad, he was young with a wife and 3 kids. Sunday, Elizabeth and I went up to Los Angeles, where he lived, to spend time with family. I'm so glad we went. Here are a couple pics of Elizabeth with some cousins (here from Maine).

Also, we are moving to our new apartment officially this Friday. I got the keys last week, and have been taking stuff over little by little. The movers come this Friday to take all the big stuff, so we'll spend our first night there that night. I'm wondering what Elizabeth will think of the change? I am excited about the apt, but the process of moving just is not fun...Especially during this heat wave we are having this week. Gotta love hauling heavy boxes in 90 degree heat. Whee! I just keep thinking that I have my own washer and dryer now, and that makes it all worth it:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sweet poem

I saw this poem on this blog and thought it was so sweet, so I stole it :)

The Chosen Heart

Longing for a child to love,
I'd wish upon the stars above.
In my heart I always knew,
A part of me was meant for you.

I think how happy we will be,
Once I adopt you, and you adopt me.

I dream of all the joy you'll bring,
Imagining even the littlest things.
The way it will feel to hold you tight,
And tuck you in every night.

The drawings on the refrigerator door,
And childhood toys across the floor.
The favorite stories read again and again,
And hours of games with make-believe friends.

The day you took my outstretched hand,
A journey ended, but our lives began.
Still mesmerised by your sweet face,
Still warmed inside by our first embrace.

I promised to give you a happy home,
And a loving family of your own.
A house you've now made complete,
With laughter, smiles, and tiny feet.

A parent is one who guides the way,
Know I will be there everyday.
Rest easy as each night you sleep,
A lifetime of love is yours to keep.

Longing for a child to love,
I'd wish upon the stars above.
In my heart I always knew,
A part of me belonged to you.

1997 Teri Harrison

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We went to a fabulous brunch at Auntie Julie's house this morning. Elizabeth had a great time hunting for Easter eggs and playing with friends! Aunt Betsy gave her this beautiful dress:)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

21 month old photoshoot

Happy 21 month old Birthday my sweetie!

These pics were taken outside in our apt. complex today.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Uh oh...this can't be good...

Here she is dancing on top of the coffee table to her Elmo DVD (overalls are still unsnapped due to a recent diaper change)...I'm afraid I have a party animal in my future...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday afternoon at Mission Bay Park

It was a beautiful day here, so after naptime (for both of us!), we headed toward one of my favorite spots, Mission Bay Park.

With a ball (that does not belong to us)

With yet another ball, that also does not belong to us. Yikes, my daughter is a bit of a thief! She somehow gets away with it, though ...:)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Head of Household

Yep, I finally sat down and did my taxes. Pretty cool getting to file as"Head of Household" for the first time. Makes me sound all grown up and responsible...Yikes! :)

Also, Elizabeth's adoption was finalized exactly one month ago today!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We are moving!

Nope, not the blog, that is staying right here. I mean Elizabeth and I are actually moving to a new apartment in a couple of weeks. I found a nice place that has 2 bedrooms (like we have now), 2 bathrooms (one attached to my room!) and the best part...a washer and dryer!!!!!!!!!! Not that I didn't enjoy lugging laundry and my daughter up and downstairs to use the coin operated machines (which were mostly already in use when I needed them), but the novelty of that has worn off, shall we say...I can't believe I'm FINALLY going to have my own washer and dryer! Another reason we're leaving our current place is, we have had a really disgusting cockroach problem. Despite my best efforts, and Terminix coming out 3 times, we still have little uninvited guests- gross! Anyway, as much as I hate the actual process of moving, I am so excited to have found this new place. I will also have a walk-in closet in my bedroom:) And did I mention it has a washer and dryer...? Yipee!!
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