Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Long time, no blog!

Sorry, I guess I took a little unintentional blogging break! Things are good here, hoping that Spring weather will come has been a looong winter...Anyway, here are some pictures from last weekend. E had her first day of soccer. It was a meet and greet the coach, in the gym. The kids got their uniforms and got to run around and parlay with the soccer balls. E was so excited about her uniform (purple- her favorite color!!) she actually slept in it that night, lol.



On Sunday, E went to her first "drop off" birthday party! She was excited to see her BFF's from her old day care.



Sunday afternoon, after the birthday party, Grandma (my mom) took E to a children's theater production of "The Little Mermaid". Friday night, I had taken E to the high school production of "Annie", so it was a busy, fun weekend for Miss E:)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


On Sunday, I was looking online for some ideas for something fun for us to do that day, and discovered an indoor play place called Cedarland, about 30 minutes from our house. It looked great on the computer so I decided to give it a try. It was a definite hit! I really liked it because there were lots of different things for kids to do besides just bouncy houses and games (which they had). There was also a huge slide, a maze, and a giant sand box. Also, a play house with a little kitchen and pretend food. E had a blast and went around to all the different activities several times. I also liked that this place wasn't as loud and chaotic as some of the other indoor play places always seem to be (I'm looking at you, Monkey Joe's).










We will definitely be going back there!

When we got home, it was still light out, and E decided she wanted to play outside for a little bit...



A fun Sunday with my girl :)



Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movie night

The other night, the PTO at E's school hosted a movie night for families to come and watch a movie in the gym. The movie was "Wreck it Ralph". E was very excited to wear her new pj's to the event :)

She sat with one of her bff's, Casey. Luckily, Casey's Mom thought to bring a big blanket, because I didn't. The kids actually just watched a little of the movie, and spent more time going back and forth to the book fair that was going on, trying to talk us into buying all the trinkets (but not any books) they sold there. Don't even get me started on Scholastic...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend recap

I am waaay tired, but wanted to do a quick post of our weekend before going to bed. We had a lot of fun with our friends Misty and Paden. On Saturday, we went swimming (sorry, terrible pictures), which of course both kids loved. Both Elizabeth and Paden are little fish.

After swimming, we got to enjoy a little time in the sauna...nice...

This morning we met up and went out to breakfast.

iPhone game entertainment...

We decided to take the kids for a walk after breakfast.

So funny...sometimes these two are like an old married couple.

The sun came out and felt great...E got snow in her boots so decided to take them off and do a little sun bathing.

A letter from my Malawi "daughter" :)

The other day I received a letter from Chikondi, the little girl I am sponsoring in Malawi through Save the Children. I always love getting her letters :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another snow day

We had another snowstorm on Thursday night and Friday, so schools were closed yesterday. E and I had a nice lazy morning (I didn't even get out of my pj's until almost noontime), playing and reading. After lunch we decided to brave the elements and went sledding out back for a little while.




Later on, after the snow stopped and the roads cleared we went to,a couple of stores. Not sure how it happened, but E talked me in to getting her a pony...


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fancy girl

On Sunday, one of E's BFF's from day care days (I love that we still keep in touch!) had a birthday party. It was at a hair salon! The girls got manis and their hair styled! E got a purple feather put in her hair, which she wore to school the next day. Also, there were cup cakes and pizza :) I thought this was such a cool idea for a birthday party, and E had a great time. She always loves to see her old buddies from Day Care. She insisted on wearing her sleeveless party dress. My little San Diego girl is hoping for warm weather to get here soon...






Fun times:)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Children's Museum

On Saturday, E and I went into Boston to go to the Children's Museum for the first time.

We took the T in, which Elizabeth loves....

Ready to cross the bridge to get to the museum (which is behind the giant milk bottle)...

The museum was sooo cool! Lots of different, fun things for kids to do...






I am so glad we finally checked this place out! We will definitely be going back.


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