Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas Day here. E and I got up around 7 and went out to the living room to see if Santa had come. When E saw that he had, she said, "I guess I was on the good list!."
The best part though was when Grandma and Grandpa came with a huge box. The present that E has been asking for almost constantly for months...the Barbie Dream House...
It only took me 3 hours to assemble!

It's actually a very cool house. The doorbell rings, the toilet flushes, it has an elevator...Very fun! E has been having a great time playing with it over the past few days (me too!) Thank you so much Grandma and Aunt Betsy! Just wondering how many years this will be residing in my living room...?
We spent Christmas afternoon and evening at my parents' enjoying delicious food and opening more presents:) Oh, and and practicing our gymnastics, of course...
Another great Christmas on the books...xoxox

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today! xoxoxox

Monday, December 23, 2013

Visit with Santa 2013

Tonight, E and I braved the mall to see Santa. Sure, she's seen some of his helpers around town over the past few weeks, but this guy is the real deal.:) She made sure to tell him exactly what she wants this year, too...

And just because I think it's fun, here is a trip down memory lane...
December 2012 (the first year she smiled for him!)

December 2011

December 2010
December 2009
December 2008
December 2007

Saturday, December 21, 2013

First sledding of the year and gymnastics

After a week of cold and snow, today was a balmy 50 degrees. We took the sled out of storage (aka the trunk of my car) and went out behind our apartment building where it's nice and hilly. I was so surprised there were no other kids out sledding. E had a great time, and it was nice not to be freezing while outside!





In the afternoon, E started a gymnastics class. She did great and was all smiles throughout the class. Not very good lighting in the gym for picture taking, but I got a few...




Monday, December 16, 2013

Photo Op

She actually asked me to take this picture of her tonight when I picked her up from Afterschool. I was happy to oblige, since she usually runs and hides when she sees me get out my camera (ok, phone)...



Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday show

On Friday, E's school had their annual Holiday show. It was very sweet, and went great, except that I did a horrible job of documenting it. One very blurry picture of E walking toward the stage (so blurry it's not even worth posting), and this shaky video I took with my phone. It got cut off at about 27 seconds because I ran out of space on my phone. Nice...Oh was a great show and yes, I teared up. Will there ever be one of E's shows that I don't cry at??
 It was great to have my parents and Maria there, too Thanks for coming guys!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A few from Thanksgiving

My brother took some pictures at Thanksgiving, which he emailed us today, so I thought I'd share them. It was a great day at my parents' with the family:)






Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Breakfast and play date Sunday

On Sunday, E's school had their annual holiday breakfast. E had fun playing with her friends and meeting Santa. At the last minute, she decided she wanted me in the picture with her.:)

In the afternoon, E got to help her friends who live down the street from my parents decorate their tree. We often go to my parents' on the weekends to visit and do laundry, and E always wants to visit her friends. She had decided it was essential to put on a fancy dress to in order to properly decorate the tree:)


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little art work

A couple of drawings of me tonight by Miss E...

and a reminder written underneath that she wants her bath :)

Getting in the spirit

Elizabeth has been asking and asking when we were going to get our Christmas tree. So yesterday, before I picked her up from After School, I managed to run to Target and pick up a really cute 4' tree, and I got 30% off since it was a floor model:) I set it up with the lights on, but no decorations yet, and surprised E with it when we came home, She was so excited!! We had fun going through our box of ornaments and decorating the tree together.

As I said on Facebook, I am now officially in the Christmas spirit!! Xoxox



Sunday, December 1, 2013

Festival on the Common

Yesterday, our town had it's annual holiday Festival on the Common in the town center. They have tree decorating, caroling, a petting zoo, face painting and Santa. For some reason, E and I had never been before, but this year I decided to check it out. It was very cold, but lots of fun. E was especially happy to run into some of her friends from school.







Saturday, November 30, 2013

Six years of motherhood

Six years ago today, Elizabeth and I met and became a family. It would be another year and a half before the adoption would become final, but it is on this day, 11/30/07, that I really consider that I became E's mom. I am not her only mom. J will always be her first mom. I love J and consider her part of my family although we've never met.

Some adoptive moms have said they wish their child came from them. I never wish E had come from me. If she had, she would not be exactly who she is, and I wouldn't change one single thing about her.

Happy Family Day! Six years goes fast!


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