Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 months!

Today is our 5 month anniversary, happy 5 months sweet girl!!!

"Hey who do you have to know to get some dinner around here??"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another hot Sunday

It was HOT here today, so after Elizabeth's nap this afternoon, we went to Mission Bay Park to chillax a little. There was a lovely cool breeze there, and it was a wonderful respite from our sweltering hot second story apartment.

Fun at the zoo!

Elizabeth and I decided to go to the zoo today!
As you can see, Elizabeth was sooo excited when we first got there...

But soon she woke up, and we had the best time!!! We saw the adorable baby Panda, only nine months old, just like Elizabeth!

I love giraffes!

I think Elizabeth's favorite part though was when we stopped for a food break.

After the zoo, we took a little train ride through Balboa Park, it was fun and we both loved it! No pics of that, unfortunately...
We had an excellent day out, but it's always nice to come home!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Elizabeth crawling video- my big girl!!

Here she is, on the move!

On Saturday morning, we volunteered at a resource fair (for work) at Balboa Park. Afterward, we went and played on the swings!

Equals Day and other misc stuff

Well, yesterday was Elizabeth's and my "Equals Day". This means that she has now been with me for as much time as she was in her previous foster home, half of her little life. I got that expression from another adoption blog I read and stole it. I am shameless that way. Anyway, not sure why it's such an important thing for me that I have been her mommy longer than anyone else has been, but it is. I think about her previous foster mom sometimes and am so grateful for the love and care she obviously gave my little girl.
In other news- break out the the baby gates, Miss E is now crawling- everywhere!!!! She is so cute when she crawls. She is such a little peanut :)
She is adjusting to her new Day Care, where she has been going for two weeks now. It seems to be going ok, and the caregivers adore Elizabeth. They mostly speak Spanish so Elizabeth will be bilingual, which I'm absolutely thrilled about!! I can speak Spanish ok, but obviously not as well as her Day Care providers, for whom Spanish is their native language. Much better for Elizabeth to learn Spanish from them than from me!
I can't believe it's Sunday night and time to get ready for another work week. Where did the week-end go???

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Summer is here already!

Today was quite warm, almost 90 degrees, yikes! It's supposed to cool down by tomorrow, though. In a previous life, I would have spent the day camped out at the beach, with lots of snacks, soda, books and my Ipod. It's funny, I remember looking at all the moms at the beach with their little kids running around and feeling bummed because I wasn't a mom, and wondering when/if it would ever happen. Now I can't even imagine my life without Elizabeth. It seems impossible that she has only been with me for 4 months. I feel like I've always been her mom.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nine months old!

My baby turned 9 months old yesterday!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

General update

The little face I love so much, showing off her two teeth :)

Elizabeth started at her new Day Care today. It seemed to go okay, although the caregivers said she cried some during the morning. :( She had a short day since she had a doctor's appointment this afternoon. She is almost 9 months old and weighs 16.4 lbs, and is 27 inches long, my little peanut!!! That means she is about in the 25th percentile for length, and the 10th for weight for babies her age. She is trying to crawl (rocking on her hands and knees), says "mama" (not necessarily for me, but I'll take it!) and tries to imitate almost every sound I make!!
On the adoption/legal side of things, that is all going well too. There was a court hearing last Friday, I won't go into details, but I'll just say that I was very pleased with the outcome. The next court date will be in July, when she is 12 months. The process is s-l-o-w, and we still have a very long road ahead until finalization, but I feel much better since the last hearing. Things are definitely going in the right direction. :)

Already knows how to get into mommy's wallet...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter pics

Here are the "formal" Easter pictures I had done of Elizabeth at JC Penny. Of course, she wouldn't smile, no matter how much of an idiot I made of myself (and that's considerable...).

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