Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow fun...

We got a few inches of snow over the weekend...someone was very excited...
This afternoon, we came home and went out back to go sledding with one of our neighbors.


Fun, but cold!

Now we're off to our friends Misty and Paden's house to ring in the new year. I hope you all have a wonderful, safe night. xoxoxoxox


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Disney On Ice made me cry 'cause I'm a dork...

So, today, I took Miss E to Disney on Ice...
Here she is at the T station, waiting for the train to take us in to Boston.
Enjoying some popcorn while waiting for the show to start...

Did she like it? Ohhh yeah...I think it's safe to say that she loved it...She sat on my lap the entire time, mesmerized, singing and clapping. Dorky Mom alert: I actually got choked up a few times, being there with my little girl, enjoying the music and excitement. That "Disney magic" they talk about is no joke, people...
And she was very sad when it ended, and really, really wanted to go backstage to see Minnie Mouse.
It was I'm daydreaming about taking us on a Disney Cruise...Oh, would that be awesome, or what? Sigh...


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Game night!

The other night, E and I had an evening play date/Pizza dinner at a friend's house. It was a little boy in E's class at school. Another girl from their class was also there, so the kids were very excited to see each other over the Holiday break!
Playing on their Wii for the first time. we don't have one, so E had fun trying something new. She is a great bowler IRL and virtually:)

The kids decided to put on a magic show for us. How cute is my little magician...?


It was a fun night, and E loved seeing her Kindergarten friends!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas recap

Miss E and I had a great Christmas. We had a relaxing morning together at home, when E opened her presents from Santa. Later on, we went to my parents' house to celebrate the rest of the day.

We spent a little time at our friends' house who live just a few condos down from my parents'.

And finally, E got the gift she has been wanting for months...

A Barbie Guitar!! Thank you, Grandma!!!!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Our card this year :)

Elizabeth and I wish you all a very Happy Holiday!

Early Christmas morning...

It's 7am and I'm out in the living room, drinking coffee, looking at the tree. Santa came, and I'm waiting for Miss E to wake up and come see what he brought her.


Last night at Grandma and Grandpa's...


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Priceless art work

E brought this home from school the other day...



Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's

The other night E and I went to my parents' for dinner (have I mentioned what a fab cook my Mom is?)   
Helping decorate Grandma's little tree

Working on the Gingerbread house she made at school (the sides kept falling off)

E loves her Grandma and Grandpa, but was getting a little fed up with all the picture taking...

Picture taken by E :)

All she wants for Christmas (video!)

She's more interested in grooving to the music in the background than making a video...:)

PS: Shhhh! Don't tell E, but...she is getting the Barbie guitar (from Grandma!) and the car with remote cotrol...she is not getting a DS player...She's also not getting an iPhone (which she keeps asking for, and I'm surpised she didn't mention in this video)...

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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Today, instead of staying home to clean the apartment, do the laundry, and a million other chores that needed to get done, I took E out for the day and we had so much fun, just being together. It's so easy to take what's most precious to you for granted. But today, I appreciated every minute I got to spend with my little girl. And she got lots of extra kisses and tight hugs from me today, too.




Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Show

This morning was Elizabeth's school's Holiday Show (our first one!)...I had an adorable Christmas dress for E to wear, but she refused (sigh...).  Oh well, she still looks pretty cute to me :) The Kindergartners sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". They did great!! Yes, this Mommy teared up. And so did Grandma...:)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa's lap 2012

Finally got a smile this year!

December 2012, 5 years

And just for fun, here are the visits with Santa from years past...
December 2011, 4 years

December 2010, 3 years

December 2009, 2 years

December 2008, 1 year

December 2007, 5 months

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Accepting my lot

I read a lot of adoption blogs. I read blogs from all members of the adoption "triad" or "constellation," or whatever you want to call it. One thing I've read in some blogs is the opinion that adoption should not exist at all, and that women who are infertile should "just accept their lot" and remain child free. Hmmm...I have a lot of feelings about this, speaking as someone who is infertile. First of all, a big part of me says, how dare you tell me that as someone who cannot biologically have children, I should just suck it up and live out my life never being a parent. You, who invariably have had biological children, have no right to say that I shouldn't get to be a mother.

However...another part of me feels like, yes, there are very definitely certain types of adoption that I don't agree with, that I don't feel very good about ethically, and would not pursue. One thing I've learned over these past 5 years is that adoption is complicated. Such a cliche, I know, but so true. I think there are many adoptions that occurred for the wrong reasons and should never have happened. One thing I really get now is, adoption is not a cure for infertility. Adoption made me a mom, yes. But I still feel twinges of something when I see a pregnant woman (jealousy? sadness?) Obviously, I love my daughter to the moon and back, and would not trade her for the world. But after she came to me, it surprised me some to realize that I still carry a little grief somewhere inside me to know that I will never be pregnant or give birth. Elizabeth is not a replacement for the biological child I couldn't have. That is not her responsibility. She is her own person, with her own DNA, personality, and things that make her tick. I feel like my job as her parent through adoption, is to nurture those wonderful things that make her, her. I've read some blogs by adult adoptees who say they never felt like they fit in with, or were understood by their adoptive families growing up. Of course, Elizabeth and I will never share DNA, but I can honor and love Elizabeth, unconditionally, for who she is. Which I do, and there's not a thing I would change about her.

Ok, starting to ramble at this point, so I'll wrap this up by just saying again...yes, adoption is complicated!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The best Christmas gift, like...ever...!

Yesterday at Elizabeth's school, they had a "holiday shop" where the kids could purchase inexpensive, small gifts for their families /friends. I sent E to school with some money and was curious what she would choose to buy. This is what is what she picked...for me...


She was so excited about this gift, she insisted on giving it to me right away :)

This morning when I woke her up, the first thing she did was check my wrist to see if I was still wearing it.

Yeah, I won't be taking this bracelet off any time soon...xoxoxox


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fun stuff

This Saturday was a fun, busy day for us. We started off by going to see a presentation of Cinderella with a classmate of E's and his mom. This was a pretty different production. First of all, it was very casual, and encouraged a lot of interaction with the kids in the audience. In fact, the cast members came into the audience beforehand and spoke with each of the children.

Here is Cinderella chatting with Elizabeth...

And also before the show started, they invited kids to come up and share a talent, or joke they have. Miss E decided to go up and lead everyone in singing the ABC's!


After the play, we went with our friends to a cool indoor play place the next town over. E and I had been here once before, but that was over a year ago, so we were excited to go back. What I like about this play place is it has more to do than just bouncy houses and slides (although they do have those there, too). They have an area where kids can paint, a pretend grocery store, and pretend mailboxes for letters.

We had a great time there and loved getting to know our new friends better!


Then, in the late afternoon, we went to our buddy Paden's birthday party. Hard to believe he's turning 8!!! His party was at a laser tag place. Luckily, there was a lot of other fun things to do, since E decided to opt out of the lazertag.

Happy Birthday Paden, we love you!




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