Thursday, August 7, 2014

Going private

So, I have decided to make this blog private. Elizabeth is getting older and I'm feeling like having more privacy is important. This blog actually was private a very long time ago, when E was a baby.  After her adoption was finalized, I made it public.
If any readers would like to follow the blog, please send me your email in the comments section and I will be happy to send you an invite :) I will be making the blog private probably by Saturday or Sunday.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Snuck away for a long weekend

Ahh...We are up in Maine again, at my parents' place. E and I came up Friday and go back home tomorrow. It's been awesome as always.

Yesterday, we went out on a boat to watch a regatta. Cool and overcast, but still fun.


E has also been having fun with the neighbors' kids and playing outside.


It's a long drive to get here, but incredibly worth it...


Monday, July 21, 2014

Have I mentioned that we love summer around here?

We finally made it to the beach this Saturday. It wasn't the sunniest or warmest day, but it was actually really nice, because it wasn't as crowded as usual.



The water was freeeezing...but that bothered Miss E not one bit. I, on the other hand, stayed safely back on the dry sand:)





Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthday weekend

Friday night, we went out to dinner with our friends Misty and Paden to celebrate E's birthday.


I had told E for her birthday, she could either have a party or take a friend to Canobie Lake Park for the day. She chose the latter, not surprisingly. She went to CLP once last year has not stopped talking about it since! It's an amusement park in Salem, NH, only about 30 mins from us.

So on Saturday morning, I took Elizabeth and one of her BFFs J up to the park. The girls were soooo excited!

Finally, we arrived...E said, "This is a dream come true!" Lol:)

And omg...the girls did not stop...for 8 many much fun!!

Love how they held hands most of the day:)



Lot's of not-so-nutritious food was consumed...

There was a water park inside CLP too, which was crowded, but fun:)


Elizabeth's absolute favorite part was going on the roller coaster (three times!) that looped around and turned upside down. Yikes! This girl is an adrenaline junkie, I think...

Neither girl wanted to leave when it was time to go ("Just one more ride, pleeeeze???"), but we ended the day with some dinner and headed out.

All in all, an awesome day!


Friday, July 11, 2014

And now she is 7

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny, beautiful girl. xoxoxox




Sunday, July 6, 2014

Maine recap

We just got back from spending the last five days in Maine, at my parents' place. All of my family was there, which made it extra special:)

This is my new favorite picture of E. This was at the neighbors' pool.

With my brother and SIL, watching my nephews' sailing lessons.

And of course, since we were in Maine, we had to have Lobster. Yum...

And three people celebrated birthdays- My Dad, my BIL Don, and Miss Elizabeth( who unbelievably will be 7 on the 11th).


And on the 4th, we went to a parade where my little fashionista wore this adorable new outfit from Grandma.

That night we had a rainstorm, and woke up on Saturday morning to no power. Luckily, my parents' wonderful neighbors with generators let us use their showers, and refrigerators and freezers! My mom had planned a party with all the neighbors at our house for that night, but with no power, she almost cancelled it. However, one of the neighbors generously offered to let her move the party to their house. We all ended up having a great time, and the kids got to use the fire crackers and sparklers they hadn't been able to use the night before when it was raining.

This morning we very reluctantly hit the road to head the five hours back home. Elizabeth was especially sad to leave. She'd had such a fun time with the family and the friends she made.

Bye for now, Maine. It was fabulous as always! Hoping we can make it up again this summer.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First day/last day

Wow. Today was Elizabeth's last day of First grade. At the time, the Winter months here seemed endless. But looking back today? It feels like this year just flew by.
So, here she was back in September on her first day:

And here she is this morning, on her last day: 

Oh my...I really was not expecting to see too much of a difference between September and now. But looking at these two pictures I see such a big change. My baby girl is growing up...sniff, sniff...

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