Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Miscellaneous stuff

It was so wonderful to have a three day week-end... On Monday, Elizabeth and I went to a great little Mexican restaurant nearby for lunch with some friends. It was fun!! "Going out to lunch with the ladies is hard work!"

Let me tell you, after having a nice long week-end with to be Elizabeth full-time, it was so hard to drop her off at Day Care this morning and not be with her all day. Tonight, to ease the pain of going back to work, Aunties Julie and Linda (who is visiting all the way from San Mateo!) came over for a visit, and even brought with them a delicious dinner and birthday cake and presents! I'm in total denial about turning "the F-word" later this week, but I'll take cake and presents anytime :)

"I just met Linda yesterday, but I like her!!"

Linda made a beautiful new cushion for the rocking chair in Elizabeth's room. And Julie fixed a delicious dinner for us and gave me two gorgeous tops. Thank you so much ladies, we love you!

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