Sunday, August 23, 2009

The slacker blogger is back :)

On Saturday, a friend from when I was in the Peace Corps (a lifetime ago!) in Paraguay came down from LA to visit. Elizabeth, my other Peace Corps friend Julie, and I really enjoyed seeing her!

We had a fun playdate today with my friend Jeanette and her two girls. They have a great park/playground right near their house. Elizabeth had such a good time, until she melted down from having no nap... :0 As far as the move more week and two days 'til we fly to Boston (on 9/1)! Only two more days of work left. My last day is this Tuesday. I'm going to keep Elizabeth in Day Care through the week, because I have sooo much to do. I'm actually not too stressed though. I think that's because I'm partially in denial that this is really happening! Anyone want to volunteer to be my Sherpa while Miss E and I fly across the country?

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