Saturday, March 19, 2011

A special visit :)

Something I never mentioned before on this blog was that almost two years ago, Elizabeth's birth parents had another baby, a little girl "B." Right after B was born, the social worker called me and asked me if I wanted to take her. I did, but being a single parent, and with Elizabeth still being so little at the time, I just didn't see how I could do it. Logistically and financially. It was a such a hard decision. I hated separating E from her sibling. But I did what I felt was best for all three of us at the time. And so, little B was adopted by a very nice couple in San Diego. The girls met a couple of times in SD before we moved back east, when B was still a baby. Fast forward a year and a half later, and B and her parents have come to the east coast this week to visit family and friends. I was so happy that they were able to come by our place today for a visit, so the girls could get together. B is an adorable, sweet toddler now. E absolutely loved playing the big sister, and was very attentive and loving toward B. :) B in turn was fascinated by Elizabeth and followed her everywhere! It was a great visit.

Come back soon, B, we love you!!

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Heidi said...

what special pics.

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