Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pictures from the weekend

We had a fun weekend.  Sorry, these pics are a little mixed up.  Today we went to a friend's preschool's school fair, which was great.  E got to ride a pony, play some games, and her favorite thing...go in a bouncy house!  I think E would be happy if our whole apartment was just one big bouncy house.  My girl loves to jump...Afterward, we hung out at our friends' house, watched a movie and had some dinner.  E had so much fun, and she was not happy when we had to leave.   Saying good bye after play dates continues to be a bit of a struggle for her.  It's not fun to be the mom who has to drag her sobbing child out of people's houses after play dates and birthday parties...sigh...
But aside from that issue, usually Miss E is like this...silly!
My goofy girl :)
Pony ride at the fair!

Watching Ratatouille with one of her BFF's

Eating dinner our friends' house

Tee time!

Goin' fishin'

Picking flowers outside the Y

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