Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ariel and the broken sled

So...yesterday we were on our way to visit our friend Maria after E's gymnastics class when I had to run a quick errand. Right next to where we stopped was a hill with scores of happy children sledding. Of course E, knowing we keep the sled in the trunk of the car, immediately begged to go sledding. I was hesitant because we were not prepared to be playing outside, she did not have any snow pants or mittens, and it was cold out!! But I decided to let her make a few runs, knowing she could change clothes and warm up at Maria's. I gave her my driving gloves to wear and tucked her yoga pants into her boots and called it good. She was so psyched!




She did get wet and cold after a few minutes, but had a great time until her sled cracked apart after it banged into a rock. At that point we headed to the car and cranked up the heat...I promised E we could go back the next day, and we would get a new sled tonight. Of course, when we went to Target last night, they were all out of any possible form of snow transportation, and rather than being disappointed, E became fixated on an Ariel doll in the toy aisle. Against my better judgement, I bought it for her. I was actually pretty mad at myself for giving in, because I know I only bought it for her to avoid a tantrum in the middle of Target. But I did buy it and taught my daughter a great lesson that making a fuss is a super way to get what you want. That's some awesome parenting Mother of the Year award should be arriving in the mail any day now.

Anyway...we went to Lowes this morning and bought some duct tape and patched up her sled, and were back in on the "slopes"by 1pm...



Even got some playground time in!



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