Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthday weekend

Friday night, we went out to dinner with our friends Misty and Paden to celebrate E's birthday.


I had told E for her birthday, she could either have a party or take a friend to Canobie Lake Park for the day. She chose the latter, not surprisingly. She went to CLP once last year has not stopped talking about it since! It's an amusement park in Salem, NH, only about 30 mins from us.

So on Saturday morning, I took Elizabeth and one of her BFFs J up to the park. The girls were soooo excited!

Finally, we arrived...E said, "This is a dream come true!" Lol:)

And omg...the girls did not stop...for 8 many much fun!!

Love how they held hands most of the day:)



Lot's of not-so-nutritious food was consumed...

There was a water park inside CLP too, which was crowded, but fun:)


Elizabeth's absolute favorite part was going on the roller coaster (three times!) that looped around and turned upside down. Yikes! This girl is an adrenaline junkie, I think...

Neither girl wanted to leave when it was time to go ("Just one more ride, pleeeeze???"), but we ended the day with some dinner and headed out.

All in all, an awesome day!


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