Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, today, after bugging Elizabeth's Dr's office, the Dr. finally completed the medical form E's social worker gave me. I gave it to the Dr. almost a month ago! No pressure, guys, I only need this to, you know, complete the adoption. No biggie...Eeesh! Anyway as soon as they told me the form was ready I snuck out of work went on my approved lunch break to pick up the form from the Dr.'s office and mailed it off to the social worker. Hopefully she will get it tomorrow or Thu. and can start working on scheduling our court date! But whatever, I'm ridiculously anxious patiently waiting for this whole process to be over!

By the way, did you notice my new bloggy trick? Thanks to Kelley I now know how to cross out words on my blog. I've seen other people do it on their blogs and thought it was cool. So thank you Kelley! It only took me half the night a few short minutes to get the hang of it!


Lisa said...

Congratulations! The squeaky wheel always gets the grease. Great job being squeaky!

Now you can teach me how to cross out words. I've tried and tried and can't figure it out!

Help appreciated!

Kelley said...

Well, I'm laughing too hard at your cross-outs to type my comment. You've definitely got the hang of it, lady!

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