Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back at work :(

Sorry to be a crummy blogger lately. I do have lots to share. After having a week off, I'm back at work today. Sooo not glad to be back. Elizabeth and I really had fun during out time off. Lots of stroller rides, playground time and just relaxing together at home. Health wise, she is ok. She continues to be congested, but no fever. She is eating and playing fine. Her Dr. suggested she may have Asthma, but isn't going to diagnose her with it yet. We'll see, I guess. I give her medicine at night and in the morning with an inhaler and mask type thingy (to use the medical terminology), and run the cool mist vaporizor in her room all night. And she is still congested! Ugg... Anyway, she is cheerful and active, so I'm glad about that. She cried when I dropped her at Day Care this morning, since it has been a whole week since she has been there. :( I hate that...I hate having to work full time. I am really missing my little girl today.
She is really growing up fast! I bought her a little potty, which she likes sitting on. She doesn't do anything, but is happy to sit on it:) I'm not starting potty training or anything, she still isn't ready, I just got it to get her used to it, and so she will feel comfortable with it.
We went to the playground yesterday, and a guy had a huge pet bunny, which Elizabeth got to pet. This absolutely made her day! Also, she can now climb up the stairs and go down the slide all by herself. I can't believe it, but she no longer wants or needs my help at all with it. This is great, but I'm also a little like, what happened to my little baby?? What's next, driving lessons??
I have a few pics on my home computer which I hope to post tonight. I wanna be a SAHM...

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