Monday, July 18, 2011

Four year old update

Now that Miss E is 4 (!!!), I thought I'd give an update of what she is up to these days...

* she still loves the water more than life itself (needless to say, our apt comlex pool gets A LOT of use this summer!), and has no fear of jumping into the pool, or "swimming" under water...

* she is very social and outgoing, loves to meet new people (especially other kids) and makes friends easily

* she has a major sweet tooth, loves candy and chocolate

* she has a tendency to revert to baby talk and whining (grrr...) when tired

* she is about the funniest person I've ever met

* she loves music, and to sing and dance

* she would rather run around outside and play ball than sit and look at a book, but does like being read to at bedtime

* she has a mind of her own, for sure!!! She is defintely "strong willed", but has become increasingly able to be reasoned with (yay!!)

* she still refuses to sleep in her own bed (ok, so I haven't really pushed it...I sorta like this co-sleeping thing...)

* as of a couple of weeks ago, she weighed 35 lbs when she stepped on my scale. She has her 4 year check up next week, so I'll get her height then. But her legs are looking longer by the day to me!

Ok, there is so much more I could say about my girl, but I'll leave it for now...She continues to amaze me and make me laugh every day :)

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Unknown said...

Great update, thanks Anne!

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