Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't you hate it when mothers brag about their kids??

So, I had Elizabeth's parent-teacher conference today. The first thing her teacher said to me was "I wish every student could be like Elizabeth!" I knew we were off to a good start :) I really like E's teacher, and so does E. She loves school and is having a great year so far. Her teacher said that E is quiet, and is able to stay engaged in activities for long periods of time. That was great to hear, because I don' t always see that at home...;) Was it inappropriate that I asked if her teacher could move in with us? The only concern Miss M brought up was Elizabeth's handwriting. I had noticed too that while E has been writing her name for quite a while now, her handwriting hasn't really improved much. Miss M said the school has an OT who comes around and gives suggestions to the teachers for kids who need a little extra help in a fine motor area. E was always a gross motor kid, but I've noticed since school started that she has gotten much more interested in sitting and writing her numbers and letters.

I also spoke with Miss M a little about E's history, and asked if E ever brings up the subject of adoption, which the teacher said she doesn't. E does mention her little sister Brianna, though. :)

All in all, it was a great meeting, and I am so proud of my sweet girl! xoxox
And I thought I'd end this post with a totally gratuitous pic that I took this morning at the bus stop, because I can...:)



My name is Andy. said...

Brag away!! I did last week, so I fully understand!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anne, want some unsolicited advice from a preschool teacher on building hand muscles for fine motor tasks? LOL Here's some, anyway:

LET HER USE PLAYDOUGH at home! Stop screaming, the stuff is not that bad! LOL Make it a rule that she has to use it at the table only and it has to stay on a mat or tray. Play WITH her, too. It's great therapy for hands AND if you are frustrated, you can pound on it! :) I have a recipe for you to make your own. Add peppermint or lavender oil and get aromatherapy with it! :)

Get her a small hole puncher. Great for building muscles. Make a rule that the droppings have to stay in a shoebox. It's not a waste of paper if she uses old magazines or newspapers. Plus she can bag up the "dots" and give it out as Christmas gifts to be New Year's Eve confetti! LOL

Lace & Trace cards. You don't have to buy these. Cut pix from magazines & put clear contact paper on both sides & use that handy new hole puncher to make the holes & shoelaces or yarn to be the "string."

Beads. Big ones to use over & over again are great, or get some that she can use to make jewelry for Christmas gifts :)

Let me know if you want some more ideas! :)

She may also enjoy practicing writing just by using her finger on a tray of things like shaving cream or sand.

Other good things to use to practice writing are minimagnadoodles, small chalkboards or dry erase boards. Kids like these because they get less frustrated when they make "mistakes" because they can wipe the mistake away easily & try again.

You could make this practice more like fun & less like work by sneaking it in. She can help you write out a grocery list, menu, Christmas card list, etc.

This may now be getting too long to post! Hope you find something here that helps! :)


Anne said...

Great ideas, Tammy! Thanks!

TTABaby said...

Anne I'm an OT and Tammy's list rocks! That's great the school has the OT do that my schools only allowed me to see kids on an iep which was annoying! Since she is a gross motor kid having her draw the letters by walking in the snow or chalk in the summer. Making the letters with her body or a jump rope. Sounds like she is having a good year (and I see no problem w the teacher moving in)

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