Monday, January 7, 2013

Back into the routine (and a Grey's Anatomy rant...)

Our Holidays were great, but I think Elizabeth is glad to be back to the routine, and back to school. I think she missed her friends and her teachers. I love that she is liking Kindergarten so much!

Playing outside at Grandma and Grandpa's yesterday afternoon...

On another note...(very) late to the party as always, I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I never watched it before, but I'm on the third season now. So addictive! And Dr. McDreamy...oh, yeah...:) There was one adoption related storyline on the show that bothered me though. It was the one where Izzy revealed that as a teenager, she gave up a child for adoption. When Izzy was treating a pregnant girl in the hospital, she was actually trying to talk the girl into giving up her baby, even when the girl was saying she loved her baby and wanted to keep it. Izzy trotted out the whole tired argument about the girl not being able to give her child "the kind of life it deserves" because she lives in a trailer park and the girl's mother works in a factory. As if having a low income makes someone an unfit parent. Ugg...ok, enough of my rant. I know it's only a TV show, but it just bothered me to see that kind of coercion and the idea that she isn't good for enough for her own baby being put into that girl's head.


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