Sunday, October 13, 2013



On this blog, I very rarely discuss my personal feelings about stuff in the news. But once in a while, something comes up, and I simply cannot keep my mouth shut. The situation with Veronica Brown is one of those times. To put it bluntly, I am just sick about the outcome of this case. It is so wrong that this child was taken from her father. The Capobiancos should have let Veronica go when she was a little baby, the moment they knew that Dusten Brown was contesting the adoption and that he wanted to raise his daughter. Well, they "won", they have Veronica now. But at what cost? I can't imagine how confused and sad this 4 year old little girl must be. Even if she seems smiley and to be adjusting well right now, I do believe at some point, the &$@ will hit the fan. How can it not? Some day, the C's will have to explain to Veronica why they took her from her father. In order to justify their actions and feel like V's legitimate parents, they will most likely have to malign Dusten. "He was a dead beat Dad, he signed his rights away before you were even born", etc. I honestly don't know how these people can live with themselves, knowing that they "got" this child in such an unethical, corrupt manner.

It might surprise you to know I feel this way, since I myself am an adoptive parent. I look at the Veronica case, though, and see this: this child was not available for adoption. She already had a fit parent who was willing and able to raise her. The selfishness and sense of entitlement of the Capobiancos just blows my mind. However, I honestly think that they have a tough road ahead. Veronica spent almost 2 years with her father. There is no going back from that or undoing it. She is not the same child she would would have been if she had been with the C's her entire 4 years. She spent half her short life with Dusten, and formed a close father -daughter relationship with him. Now she is supposed to act like that never happened, and think of Melanie and Matt as her only "Mom" and "Dad?" I don't think so. I just hope they allow Dusten to continue to be part of her life. For Veronica's sake. It would be nice to see them put Veronica's feelings and needs ahead of their own.


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