Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sitting in the social worker's office

Six years ago today, in San Diego, CA, I sat in my adoption social worker's office. I'd gotten "the call" about two weeks earlier. Every adoptive parent knows about "the call". The most important call of your life. The one you wait and wait for, and dream about every night. The one where the social worker calls and tells you that there is a child for you. In my case, the wait really wasn't very long. It was only 3 months from when CPS approved me to adopt until I got the call.

So, on this day in 2007, I met with two social workers to learn all about a 4 month old baby girl who needed a permanent home. I knew they had pictures of her, but they wouldn't show them to me until after they had told me everything they knew about her. They wanted me to focus on all the information they were telling me, instead of just staring at her pictures, which I surely would have done if they had given me the pictures first. I'd known for almost two weeks that my answer was going to be yes. When the social worker finally brought out the pictures of her, I practically grabbed them out of her hand. And when they asked me at the end if I was "interested" in being this baby's mom, it was all I could do not to laugh. Actually, I think I did laugh. Of course I want to be this baby's mother!!



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