Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here's the latest on Miss Elizabeth: Her social worker called me this afternoon and told me I will most likely be bringing Elizabeth home (instead of just meeting her) tomorrow (Friday)-Yay!!! Apparently, the Foster Mother does not want to meet me, or have any part of the transition. So, probably what will happen is, the social worker will pick Elizabeth up and take her to her office, where I will go get her. We'll do all the official "change of placement" paperwork, etc, and then this baby girl is all mine (well, sort of...) This will probably happen late morning or early afternoon. I am disappointed not to be able to meet the Foster Mother, because I wanted to ask her lots of questions and get her picture for Elizabeth's babybook, but I understand if she is upset. I have been in her shoes, and it's very painful, I know.
Today was sort of crazy, tying up loose ends at work before I go out on "maternity leave". I told a lot of my kids that I'll be out for a while, and showed them Elizabeth's picture. They were cute and wanted to know if I'll bring her to school so they can meet her. We'll see about that...
Anyway, that's the latest. Just got home from Babies R Us with diapers and a baby bath, and a few more goodies...Tonight is my last night (I hope!!) as a "free woman", but I won't be able to sleep because I'm way too excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Luiza said...

I am so excited for you! What a roller coaster of emotions, but you are doing a great job just keeping up with all the changes in activity. Looking forward to hearing what happened today, Friday!

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