Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome to Elizabeth's blog!!

***Update below***

Hello everyone! Just to pass the time until I get some news about when I'll finally get to meet my little Elizabeth and bring her home, I thought I'd start this blog. Just for privacy, this blog is by invitation only. So if you are reading this post, you made the cut! Lucky, lucky you...

This blog will be a journal of Elizabeth's life, with pictures and hopefully some video clips if I can figure out how to do that. I thought it would be more fun, and easier than always emailing pictures to everyone like I did with Molly. Please keep in mind that I'm a newbie to the blogosphere, so I'm learning as I go.

Welcome, and I hope to have an update soon about when I'll get my sweet girl home! Oh, and a huge thank you to all of you for putting up with me and supporting me through this emotional roller coaster that is adoption.
Hugs and Kisses,



Great news!!! Elizabeth's social worker just called me and said I get to meet the baby on Friday! I will hopefully get to bring her home that day, too. They are giving the Foster Mom the option to let me just take her on Friday, or visit with her through the week-end and actually bring her home for good on Tuesday. I vote for bringing her home this Friday!! Yay, this is finally happening!!!!!!


John Keyes said...

Congratulations on starting the blog, Anne...we're all looking forward to hearing a lot more about Elizabeth!

Mom said...

How do you do that (blog)?!
Good job!
We are all anxious to hear any news that you have.

juliem4480 said...

Anne -
I am so so happy for you! How precious Elizabeth is! I hope you are adjusting to being a Mommy ok! Let me know when things have settled down and hopefully I can come by and meet her!

Love Julie :)

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