Monday, March 17, 2008

Day Care dilemma

Well, I'm in sort of a quandry with Elizabeth's Day Care. A while back I had gotten on a waiting list to recieve financial assistance for Day Care. Finally, an agency picked up our case and is most likely going to pay for all of Elizabeth's Day Care. The problem is that our current Day Care provider (the wonderful Ms. G) is not on the agency's provider list, which means if I want funding, I have to switch Day Cares. I hate to do that, especially since Elizabeth is so used to Ms. G, and is happy there. I'm interviewing one of the agency's providers today, we'll see how that goes. This place is also a lot closer to my work than Ms. G's. Still, I hate the thought of putting Elizabeth through another big change. It sure would help to have Day Care costs covered, but obviously I'll only send her to a new place if I feel comfortable with it, no matter what. Unfortunately, the agency is not taking on new providers, so it's not like Ms. G could get on their list. We'll see how the interview goes today, part of me hopes I don't like the place so I won't have to switch Elizabeth.
On another note, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


Luiza said...

Anne - I am confident you can judge the quality of the potential new day care so I'll comment on your other concern. One thing I have learned is that change is often harder on the parent than the child, especially at this age. We stress and they adapt! Perhaps you can help with the transition by easing her into it slowly. Maybe try a couple days for the first week while everyone gets to know each other? To bad Ms. G can't get on your free list! Keep us posted on your choice.

Betsy said...

I agree with Luiza and would add that it's short-term pain (mostly for you) for long-term gain. Think of how much good you can do for Elizabeth with that money. After spending far too little time with Elizabeth (no such thing as enough!), she is great with complete strangers (me!) right from the beginning. She's such a love-bug, she really will quickly adapt. That is if you feel comfortable with the new place....but if you do, I think you should go for it - rip off the bandaid, get it over with and move on! :)

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