Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun at the zoo!

Elizabeth and I decided to go to the zoo today!
As you can see, Elizabeth was sooo excited when we first got there...

But soon she woke up, and we had the best time!!! We saw the adorable baby Panda, only nine months old, just like Elizabeth!

I love giraffes!

I think Elizabeth's favorite part though was when we stopped for a food break.

After the zoo, we took a little train ride through Balboa Park, it was fun and we both loved it! No pics of that, unfortunately...
We had an excellent day out, but it's always nice to come home!

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Denise Finneran said...

That sounds like fun. The San Diego Zoo is great. I loved it when I was visiting you. It is good that it is so close by. E is growing up quickly!

Sorry, no more snow here for now. You will just have to wait to visit Indiana until next winter.


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