Monday, April 21, 2008

Equals Day and other misc stuff

Well, yesterday was Elizabeth's and my "Equals Day". This means that she has now been with me for as much time as she was in her previous foster home, half of her little life. I got that expression from another adoption blog I read and stole it. I am shameless that way. Anyway, not sure why it's such an important thing for me that I have been her mommy longer than anyone else has been, but it is. I think about her previous foster mom sometimes and am so grateful for the love and care she obviously gave my little girl.
In other news- break out the the baby gates, Miss E is now crawling- everywhere!!!! She is so cute when she crawls. She is such a little peanut :)
She is adjusting to her new Day Care, where she has been going for two weeks now. It seems to be going ok, and the caregivers adore Elizabeth. They mostly speak Spanish so Elizabeth will be bilingual, which I'm absolutely thrilled about!! I can speak Spanish ok, but obviously not as well as her Day Care providers, for whom Spanish is their native language. Much better for Elizabeth to learn Spanish from them than from me!
I can't believe it's Sunday night and time to get ready for another work week. Where did the week-end go???

1 comment:

Abby's Mom said...

Happy Equals day! I worked the weekend so am starting mine today. I agree tho they go by to fast! Would love to see some video of Miss E in action :)

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