Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More teeth!

For the longest time, Elizabeth has just had two bottom teeth. Now, finally two top teeth are poking through. Poor Elizabeth has been having kind of a rough couple of days with them. It didn't seem to bother her when her bottom teeth came in, but these top ones are a different story! Last night she was exhausted, and fell asleep by 6:30, after hardly wanting to eat anything, and then woke up crying a few times, which she never does. I could see her upper gum was swollen. I gave her some teething tablets, which helped a little, and this morning she was cheerful and seemed to feel a lot better. Hopefully she will be 100% by Friday, when we go on vacation :)

1 comment:

Kelley said...

Bless her heart...teething is absolutely no fun at all.

Hang in there, and have a great time!

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