Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Being on vacation is the best!

This morning, after a visit from my new adoption social worker (more on that in a minute), Elizabeth and I decided to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather and go to the playground for a bit. Also, I was feeling guilty that I had her cooped up in the car and her stroller so much yesterday while we went shopping. I love being off of work and being able to do stuff like this with her during the week!

It was getting close to naptime, so she is looking a little tired in these pictures :)

The social worker had no updates on a court date. Actually, she is waiting to get a completed physical form back from Elizabeth's Doctor. I turned it in to the Doctor's office on the day I got it, 12/18. When I called yesterday to see if it was completed, the nurse told me that it was only partially done, and the Doctor is out on vacation until Monday, so unfortunately, I will have to wait until next week :( But my sw said she'd try to get the court clerk to start scheduling a date for finalization anyway, even without the medical form. I guess this form is required in order to complete the adoption. So you better believe I'll be hounding that Doctor's office first thing Monday morning!


Lisa said...

That Elizabeth is the cutest baby ever!

Karen said...

That strawberry outfit is too adorable, and boo on the doctors for being lazy...it seems like every time I try to get Evie an appt. with her Dr. she is doing hospital rounds that week. Why can't she just choose to work in an office or a hospital, why take a week off each month so that she can do both? I don't quite get it. Anyhow...hope the finalization is quick and smooth!

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