Monday, December 29, 2008

Follow me!

Hello! On the sidebar, I've put a "follow me" link, so if you are a blogger, go ahead and join Elizabeth's fan club :)
On another note, I am loving being on vacation! Today, Elizabeth and I drove all over San Diego county in search of an Osh Kosh B'gosh store that wasn't sold out of pink striped overalls. We went this morning to the outlet store down by the Mexican border, nope, sold out. But luckily up north in Carlsbad, they had some, so after naptime we went up there and got them, and a few other things...Why do little girls' clothes have to be SO cute??!!! Luckily, everything was marked down for after Christmas sales.
Tomorrow, my new adoption social worker is coming to meet Elizabeth! I wonder if she will have any news on a court date...I kind of doubt it, especially with it being the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

Hope your case worker is nice, I've heard horror stories...hope she surprises you with news! I'm honored to be your first follower :)

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