Monday, December 15, 2008

Rainy Monday+ no nap= Grumpy Elizabeth

Today was cold and rainy. Everyone was complaining, but I kind of liked it. Makes it feel a little more like Christmas. We are very spoiled here in So. California, and expect sunshine and 75 degree temperatures every day. And that's usually what we get, so it was a nice change, I thought.
This afternoon, my Foster Care licensing social worker came over to do her annual review of my home. Since Elizabeth is still legally my Foster Child, I have to keep my Foster Care license updated. That visit went quickly, no problems. Basically all she was looking for was a functioning smoke detector and that Elizabeth has a bed (crib) to sleep in. I now deal with 3 county social workers: my licensing worker, my adoption worker, and Elizabeth's social worker.
Ok, on to reason for the title of this post...When I picked up Miss E from Day Care, they told me she had not slept at all today. Apparently, she kept popping up and chattering, and would not fall asleep at naptime. That's my girl :) By 4:30PM, when I got her, she was in full crank mode. We had an appointment we had to go to after work, and she was a terror in the waiting area- crying, screaming and just being a whole lot of not-fun-to-be-around. When we finally got home, she continued being fussy, but I was determined to keep her up until her regular bedtime. She ate some dinner, had a bath (which cheered her up a lot), and crashed at 7pm sharp. Not a moment too soon for me!


Eliza2006 said...

It almost makes the lack of a nap worth it!

Eliza2006 said...

...the early bed time that is...sorry, Eliza is helping me type!

Aimee said...

If you like the cold, I can send you some balmy 25 degree Cleveland weather your way :) Ugh! Christmas or no Christmas, that is just TOO cold!!

We had a similar fussy post-daycare night tonight! Bedtime can be bliss on days like this!

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