Sunday, November 20, 2011


Wow, it's been a little while...So...just to catch this blog up a bit...

* I went to to Texas for 5 days to visit my friend Chris, who I've known for 23 years, but haven't seen in over 9! Without Elizabeth! It was a great trip, very relaxing. It is seemed so easy to travel by myself! And I slept til 10:30 one morning...can't remember the last time I did that, it was pure heaven...As for Miss E, she did great with Maria. We spoke a couple of times each day on the phone, and she was fine. I missed her way more than I thought I would. We were very happy to see each other when I got home. :)

Chris & Me

*Elizabeth and I are going to San Diego in August!! I am sooooo excited! My brother had some award miles he passed on to my mom, who passed them on to me. Thanks Mom and John!! We are only going for a few days, but it will be such fun to see all our friends there, go to my favorite beach ever- La Jolla Shores- and see Elizabeth's little sister, I hope!

*I'm looking forward to a nice Thanksgiving with the fam at my parents' house. Love short work weeks :)

Not much else new at the moment. Here are just a few pics of Elizabeth in the playroom after Church this morning...Sorry they aren't the greatest...

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