Monday, March 26, 2012

Life in these parts

We had a good weekend here, kind of relaxing, kind of fun. It was nice not having a ton of stuff scheduled, like we often do. Here she is taking a mid day snooze on our way to swim class :) Speaking of swim class, she is doing great, and seems to love it. I figured she would, she is such a little fish. She can go the whole length of the pool with a kick board, and is starting to learn the crawl (freestyle).
On Sunday, it was cool and rainy, and we had no plans, so I decided to take her to one of those indoor gym/jumpy places. A lot of other people had the same idea, because it was packed! And the noise level...Oy....But Miss E had a great time, and loved the slides, especially.

Elizabeth still has her wiggly tooth! Looking forward to having the dentist check it out on Thursday.

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