Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A trip to the Rainforest

Tonight, I took E to a presentation by an organization called Understanding Wildlife. They are a group that goes around educating kids about the Rainforest and actually brings several kinds of birds and other live animals with them. Including a Boa Constrictor. Yes, that would be my daughter below, holding a live Boa Constrictor. And apparently happy to be doing so. As we stood in line for the privilege of getting a chance to hold this lovely creature, E told me I didn't have to go up with her "because remember you're afraid of snakes, anyway, Mommy."


You can't really tell in this picture below, but she is petting a baby Alligator. Very cool!
It was a really fun show, and E loved getting to pet some of the animals!



Stephanie said...

She's braver than me. Not a snake fan!

Betsy Keyes said...

I second Stephanie's post....no way would I touch the Boa -- not a fan! That kid has guts!

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