Friday, February 1, 2013

Random stuff in bullets

Elizabeth got her first ever report card today! She did great in most areas, just "needs improvement" in her handwriting, which her teacher and I have had several conversations about over the past few months

I stink at Letter Press, a game which I play on the iPad with my brother and sister. They beat me every.time.

Isabella the male Elephant Ear Betta fish is still alive and kicking (swimming) after almost two weeks home (that has to be some kind of record for track record with keeping fish alive is not good...)

I'm wishing that E and I could go somewhere warm and sunny over her school vacation later this month, but will settle for maybe a nearby indoor water park

Tonight, while I was reading her a bedtime story, E stroked my face gently and said in this concerned little voice, "Mommy, you're getting old." Nice, thanks, E!

Today was pajama day at E's school, very exciting! We both thought it was pretty cool that she didn't have to get dressed this morning!



S.I.F. said...

For the record, the only thing I ever failed at was handwriting. I STILL have abysmal handwriting, but I'm pretty sure I turned out OK. ;)

TTABaby said...

I'm an OT and used to ironically work on handwriting w students.... And my handwriting is chicken scratch! Girls tend to get into handwriting in 1st/2nd grade.

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