Saturday, July 6, 2013

A perfect day (alternate title: I love summer!)

Today we did my favorite thing: go to the beach! It was in the 90's here, so heading to the ocean was pretty much obligatory.

E made lots of different friends at the beach. Being an only child, she is always happy to have other kids to play with. Just mom is pretty boring:)

As always in New England, the water was pretty chilly, even after all the hot days we've had lately. But someone didn't mind at all...





We stopped for a clam roll and ice cream on the way home. And yes, my almost 6 year old is rolling her eyes at me for taking yet another picture of her today...such is life when your mom is a blogger :)



P.S. : Yesterday, I picked E up at camp, and she was so excited to tell me her front tooth that's been wiggly for months came out. Check out this cute new grin:



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