Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gone Girl Elizabeth has been up in Maine for just over two weeks now. I miss her so much I almost can't stand it. Thank God she will be back next Sunday. Just one more week. In the meantime, we have Skyped several times and talked on the phone almost every day. And sent cards. The report from Machias is good, she is having a great time and doing a lot of fun things. Last week she attended a nature camp put on by the University. Apparently, there were some older kids there who took E under their wings, and I know she must have loved that. She misses me, I know, but she sounds really good when I talk to her.
As for me, I've been working such long days at work, the time is actually going by quite fast. My job is another story (don't ask)...Anyhoozles...I've also gone to the beach a couple of times and read a book on my iPhone. I'm reading this crazy book called Gone Girl. Very entertaining, hard to put down, and did I mention crazy?? more week...I cannot wait!!!!

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Catherine said...

Sounds like she's having a great time!! 3 weeks is a long time Mommy! I hanent managed a night away yet. Glad you're enjoying your time yet counting down to your reunion too! Enjoy! It's good to have some mommy recharge time.

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