Monday, January 14, 2008

The Crying Room and other miscellaneous stuff

Hello! As you can see on the side, I've decided to start doing weekly polls on this blog, just for the fun of it. So go ahead and get out the vote!
Elizabeth and I went to Church yesterday. Everyone always says how quiet and happy she is during the service. Well, yesterday she proved them all wrong. For some reason unknown to me, during the middle of the service, she suddenly got super-fussy and I had to take her back to "the crying room." This is a glassed in room at the back of the church where embarrassed moms can take their loud, unhappy babies and still be able to hear the service without disrupting it. After Church, several women gently hinted that I could take her to the church nursery on Sundays instead of bringing her into the service, so that I "could relax and enjoy the service." I know I could drop her off at the nursery, but one of my biggest pleasures has been holding her during church and watching her enjoy the music and all the people. But the time might be coming to reconsider this...Yesterday was quite embarrassing, to say the least! And of course, the second Church was over, she was all smiles. I guess she didn't like the minister's sermon on the evils of hate speech. I thought it was pretty good myself (the parts I could hear over Elizabeth's screaming, anyway).
The new apartment is coming along slowly. Everyday, I try to unpack and put away at least one box. It seems endless, though!
Great football game yesterday, yay Chargers!

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