Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leave us alone, county!!

Ok, so I'm totally irritated by something I got in the mail today. It was the from Health section of Child Protective services (Foster Care-which I adopted Elizabeth from), wanting all this information about E's immunizations etc. They used E's birth name and addressed me as a "substitute caregiver". Obviously the various departments don't communicate too well. Clearly, the Health dept. doesn't know that E is no longer in the Foster Care system and I am not her Foster Mother. This adoption is final, and I no longer have to deal with CPS. I know, y'all must think I'm nuts to be so annoyed by this. But I've been answering to the county for so long now, and I'm sick of it. I was willing to jump through all their hoops when I was going through the adoption process- anything to complete the adoption. But it's over and I'm DONE with CPS. At least for now, 'til it's time to get E a little brother or sister in a few years :)

Ok, enough of my rant. On a happy note, my mom, Julie and I are going out to dinner and a show tonight, while Grandpa stays with Elizabeth. A girl's night out- yay!!!


Lisa said...

I totally understand. I am STILL getting stuff from CPS on J and we're working on 2 years since the adoption was final. Yikes

Sam said...

Ok, that is not cool. Is it something a simple phone call will fix? Personally, I'm a fan of the snarky letter - but that is just me. Also, if you want to adopt through the foster system again in the future, a polite and informative phone call may be more appropriate.

And I know I wrote this a few days ago - but I am so excited for you! Congrats again on your Forever Family!

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