Sunday, March 29, 2009

The past few days

Elizabeth doing some household chores at my parents' rental...I'm glad one of us enjoys sweeping!

Fun at the Playground:)

Today, Elizabeth, my mom and I went to the zoo. Elizabeth had a blast in the petting zoo!
At a Mexican restaurant, enjoying some nachos:) Sidenote: This kept her entertained for about 15-20 minutes, then she hit the wall, and (very loudly) refused to stay in her highchair, so I took her outside and walked around with her a little. Taking her to a restaurant these days is not exactly relaxing...

Elizabeth loves her Grandma (my mom). She is leaving to go back to Boston tomorrow. E and I are going to miss her so much:(

1 comment:

Mama Duck said...

Elizabeth has the most beautiful face! Her eyes and lips are just gorgeous! I'm so glad you had fun with your mom. Looks like a great time at the zoo!

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