Saturday, March 7, 2009

Talking about adoption

Elizabeth is still very young, but I'm always thinking about how I will talk with her about her adoption. I plan to be very open about it with her, and give her whatever information is age appropriate at the time. Still, it gives me a lot of anxiety to think about these future conversations. M3, mom to the Salsa twins, wrote a great post today on this very topic. Check it out!


Lisa said...

Obviously J knew she was adopted but I still started her out with adoption books that you read to babies. She still loves them. She LOVES to hear her adoption story. It makes her very proud!

Anonymous said...

We're doing a few different things to make sure we are using adoption language from the start so that Evie is never surprised to hear adoption words. Here are some of the things we do:

*whenever I tell her "I love you" about every other time I add "we're so happy we adopted you!" to the end of it.

*We have a baby photo album with pictures of family, friends and her birth family, so when we look through the book it is a natural opportunity to talk about family structure, adoption and her birth family

*I'm going to make her different lifebooks that tell her adoption story in language she can understand at different ages

Thanks for the link to the other blog, it was a very interesting post!

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