Saturday, March 7, 2009

A long two days!

Let me just say- it feels GREAT that the adoption is final! Family Day was awesome, especially because my parents are here from the East Coast! They are staying in a rental just a little bit north of San Diego. Elizabeth and I are actually with them right now, we came up Fri. night and are staying until Sunday.

So, Elizabeth starting not feeling well on Thursday afternoon. In fact, from the time I picked her up from Day Care until I put her to bed, she was like a little dish rag, and just wanted to sleep in my arms, and refused to eat or drink anything. I slept with her in the little guest bed in her room all night, since I was so worried about her. She didn't have a fever or seem to be in any pain, though. Friday, I kept her home. Luckily, Auntie Julie was able to stay with her in the mornng, and Grandpa and Grandpa watched her all afternoon, so I could go to work. Mid day, I took her to the doctor. Turns out she had an ear infection. Her first one! Also, she was a little wheezy, so she got antibiotics for the ear, and another kind of medicine with an inhaler type thingy for her breathing. By last night, she was feeling a lot better, and we had a good night up at my parents'. This morning, she started out cheerful, but has been kind of clingy. Then, she fell and cut her lip a little on the hard floor, which made her super cranky! Right now, I am listening to her fight taking a desperately needed nap (by that I mean, I desperately need her to take a nap:). Hopefully she'll be in a better mood this afternoon!

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