Sunday, April 28, 2013

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So Friday night, there was a free skating night for the elementary school kids in our town. Unfortunately, I picked up the bug E had earlier in the week and was feeling kind of cruddy on Friday, so I started to tell E I wasn't going to be able to take her. I just wasn't up to it. All I wanted was to go home and crash on the couch. But when I tried to tell E we weren't going skating, she was so disappointed, and mommy guilt kicked into overdrive, and well, I ended up taking her. And actually I started feeling better while we were there, and she had fun skating, so I'm glad we went after all. I rented a pair of skates and got on the ice with her. And let's just say "graceful" and "coordinated" would not be words used to describe me. Plus, it's been decades since I've skated. So E watched me awkwardly try to get my bearings on the ice, and then helpfully informed me that if I needed a milk crate, I could go get one.



Saturday, after her soccer game, we went to the pet store. For reasons unknown to me, I agreed that we should buy a pet Mouse. She is a cute little white twitchy thing who Elizabeth named Susie. Although Miss Susie and I did not get off to the best of starts, we are buds now. When we first brought her home, I set up her cage for her then took her out of her little box to put her in the cage. And that is when she bit me. And it hurt like a~~ let me tell you! But we have made up and are friends now (not really, but I think she's cute, and E likes her).

Later on, we met some friends at the playground at E's school.


Saturday night, hanging out with Susie in her ball. Not quite sure why E has a summer dress on over her soccer uniform.

Today was another beautiful Spring day, and we went to the park with Misty and Paden. Pictured here, a rare moment of getting along today. Most days, these two do great together. Today, it felt like they just pushed each others buttons. Hopefully, next time will be better! We love you guys :)


And in other news, tomorrow I start a new job. Feeling kind of nervous, and kind of excited. I met a few of the people on my team last week at their staff meeting, and they were all nice. All younger than me, but seemed professional and committed to the work.

Off to bed now to be rested up for the big first day!


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