Friday, August 2, 2013

Since you been gone...

Things I have done while E's been away:
-worked early and late a lot
-gone out to dinner and to a grown up movie in the theater
-read in bed
-had the whole bed to myself (So how's that whole stopping co-sleeping thing going, Anne? Great! As long as we're, you know, in separate states...)
-used the bathroom without an audience
- sent cards to and Skyped with E and Maria
- cancelled our cable TV (E won't be happy about this one, but I feel strangely empowered- it really was ridiculously expensive)
-spent a leisurely weekend afternoon at Barnes & Noble
- went to the beach and read the whole time
Things I have not done while E's been away:
- bought any Pirate's Booty or Capri Suns
-watched Beauty and the Beast
-watched anything
-spent any time at any playground whatsoever
- said, "Don't eat that off the floor" at any point
- said "Time to wake up", "You need to go to sleep now", "Please hurry", or "Slow down", at any point
-been tickled by or tickled anyone
-and last but not least...had anyone climb on to to my lap and snuggle with me on the sofa...
Time to come home E!!! Just two more days!!!!!


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