Friday, May 30, 2008

6 months!

Elizabeth has been with me for 6 months exactly today!! What an awesome 6 months it has been!! :) Happy anniversary, sweetie pie, I love you!

On another note...Thursday afternoon was the worst!

Yesterday afternoon was a nightmare! I had to go to a late afternoon meeting downtown. Elizabeth has to be picked up by 5, because her Day Care provider goes to pick up other kids at 5:05. So I left the meeting early enough (I thought), but then I missed an exit off the freeway, so I had to take a different route, and traffic was all backed up. I called the provider, and she was all stressed out because she can't go pick up the other kids until I get there. I was sitting there in stand still traffic, totally freaking out, and there was nothing I could do to get to the Day Care faster. I ended up being about 15 minutes late. I apologized a million times to Imelda (the provider) she said "it's ok" but she kept talking about it, and this morning she was still talking about it. She wasn't mean or anything, just stressed out and annoyed, I think. Ugg...this is my issue with Home Day Cares as opposed to centers. There is so much less flexibility. I realize now I should have 1) arranged for someone else (hi Auntie Julie!) to pick Elizabeth up earlier, or 2) left the car seat with Imelda so she could have taken Elizabeth with her to pick up the kids. Needless to say, I did not earn any "Mother of the Year" awards from anyone yesterday!


Abby's Mom said...

Happy 6 months to you and sweet Elizabeth!

As for Wed, I feel for ya, there are a lot of things that I thought were going to be difficult as a single Mom but I really did not think day care arrangements was going to be one of the. ((HUGS))

Connor and Brandon's Mom said...

Just remember Anne, life does go on. This won't be the last time something happens out of your control so please don't feel bad. Your provider should know that everyone is human. Besides your provider is blessed to be able to spend that extra few minutes with Elizabeth, who could ever not want to be with that beautiful child with that great smile. :)
Have a fun weekend.

Kelley said...

Happy 6 months!! I totally know the feeling of what you went through on Wednesday. Daycare problems are tough!

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