Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't use Teleflora

I've had this post mulling around in my head the past few days, but finally decided to actually write it out. On Sunday night, Teleflora sponsored a contest on TV, to vote for "America's favorite mom". They had several different categories, like single mom, military mom, etc. But the one I really loved was the "non mom", which was the category used for...adoptive moms! Well, of course they got such an angry response from the adoption community, they quickly changed the name of the category, and offered a very patronizing, too-late apology.
Now, I had no intention of watching the silly show anyway, it just sounded too gaggifying for words. Plus, you know I was a little busy with my "non mom" duties of getting Elizabeth bathed and to bed, and getting bottles and clothes organized for the next day, cleaning the kitchen floor (where half her dinner was), putting away laundry, etc.
Anyway, the next time you decide to send me flowers, 'cause I'm so awesome, please don't use Teleflora.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

I *cannot* believe they had a category called NON MOM and included adoptive, foster, steps and such in that category!

You will NEVER get my business Teleflora!

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