Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun, busy day

Today was the last day of Elizabeth's school vacation (her Day Care was closed all last week and today), so I wanted to make it fun. We started out by having a nice lazy morning at home. I don't even think we were out of our jammies before 10! When we finally got going, we started out with a visit to Petco, so E could visit with all the animals there. She loves it there, and is lobbying heavily to get if not a dog, than a Hamster. I'm thinking more along the lines of maybe a goldfish...

Then we went to E's favorite playground, which is in the same town her Day Care is in. It was sunny, but kinda cold...E didn't mind at all, though. She was very happy when a few girls around her age showed up, and she played with them for a while.

Then, I decided to take E out for her favorite lunch- Pizza:)

After that, we ended up going to visit my parents' neighbors, where E played with her friends plus a couple more kids who showed up for a play date. That was great for me, since it gave me a break from being "entertainment director." :)

All in all, it was a tiring, but fun day, and holiday week. I think E will be glad to be back in school tomorrow. She was telling me this morning that she missed her school friends. Hope you all had a great holiday, too!


Catherine said...

What a wonderful way to share your last day of holidays together!

Happy New Year!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

HI I came over from Stacey's blog anymommyoutthere. Just wanted to say hi and that I enjoyed following a bit of your adoption story. We have 2 kids both adopted, did the 5 series of IVF.
We also wanted a second child but the finances are hard, I am lucky that there are 2 of us and that I am frugal so I stay home and am so so so happy. Benjamin is 9 months old now and having a second child has been amazing for all of us, my daughter was 4 1/2 when he was born. Relaly its easier, they play together and she's at such a loving helpful age, but I don't have to pay for daycare, thankgoodness.

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