Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy three week anniversary!

Today, in honor of our three week anniversary, Elizabeth and I went to the mall and we had the best time!! We had our pictures taken in one of those little photo booths (see above) after exploring one of our favorote stores, Old Navy. I bought her yet another "early Christmas present", a little pink hat and matching mittens and a fleece pullover. We also hung out in the food court and drank an eggnog latte and people watched. Not working rules!
On Tuesday, Elizabeth went to her first pediatrician appointment with me. It was a long morning. A HUGE shout out to Julie for suffering through that ordeal with me, and for shlepping us around for two days while my car was in the shop. Elizabeth weighs 13 lbs and is almost 24 inches long. Dr. Andree said she looks great and gave her a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, he also gave her some shots, which did not make Elizabeth or me very happy. The next day, Elizabeth was absolutely miserable and just wanted me to hold her most of the time. Luckily, by Thursday, she was back to her usual smiley self. I took her to my work Christmas potluck lunch. It was fun to show off my little girl and to let people hold her so I could eat!

In other news: I found a two bedroom apartment! We'll be moving over the long New Year's week-end. It will be sooo nice to have more space. The apartment I'm in right now is getting more crowded by the minute. My new roommate may be small, but she sure takes up a lot of space:) Actually, though, I'm having mixed feelings about her having her own bedroom. I really like having her closeby at night. I feel like she is going to seem so far away when she is in a whole other bedroom. But it's best to do it now, before she even realizes that we do in fact share a room. I'm dreading the actual process of moving, it's always a hideous experience. I am excited about the new apartment though.

Also this week, I got Elizabeth on the waiting list for Early Head Start ("free" day care). But in the meantime, she'll be going to a Family Day Care just down the street from where we live now. Her official start date will be 1/7/08, but I'm going to take her over there a few times over the next two weeks so she will get familiar with the caregiver (Miss G) and with the lay out.

Just some random pics from today...

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