Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our first week-end

I am just falling more in love with this little girl every day. She is so animated and smiley. And she has this wonderful high pitched screech when she is excited. I love it, but I hope our neighbors don't mind!

We've been busy! On Saturday, we went to Auntie Julie's house for brunch, where Elizabeth received some very special gifts from another Auntie, Linda, who came down from LA this week-end. And Julie gave Elizabeth an adorable new onesie. Thank you Julie and Linda!!

Cuddling with Julie and Linda

On Saturday night, Elizabeth got to meet even MORE Aunties, Carol and MaryAnn. They came over bearing delicious food and lots of beautiful clothes for the little princess. But the hit of the evening was a "baby gym" that Carol brought. Elizabeth absolutely loved it, and her little legs were just kicking away with excitement. And boy did she shriek!!

Working out at the gym

Today we did some errands, including my favorite store, Babies R Us. I feel I showed amazing restraint, though, and walked out having spent under $100! Yay me!

Time for bed!


Luiza said...

Anne, Congratulations on your Gotcha Day. That's a good way to put a lifetime of parenting :)

Elizabeth is beautiful and so full of personality with that little face, big brown eyes and smile. I like the idea that she can verbalize the shreik - she's gonna let you know she's there! This blog is a great idea, keep the photo's coming!

Elizabeth's additional Aunt, Luiza

Heidi said...

Auntie Heidi has to chime in too ... We had that same baby gym fo rJason, Max & Julia! They all loved it! She's just too cute!

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